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Predictive Forecasting Made Easy

Join us on May 6th for a free webinar on how Tangent Works' TIM enables your organisation to gain instant insights in Advanced Analytics in Qlik.

Why join this webinar?

Creating business value by adding predictive analytics in Qlik

Curious to learn how your analysts can add the value of data science to their work... without needing actual data scientists? Tangent Works' Information Modeller (TIM) is an automatic predictive model building engine that automates the forecasting and anomaly detection process by analysing time series data and generating accurate models based on the patterns it detects in your data on Qlik.

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What will you learn?

Analysts agree that data science and predictive analytics are currently one of the hottest markets allowing businesses to make data driven decisions. Join us on May 6 to see TIM in action when integrated with your data on Qlik. During this webinar, you will learn:

  1. The key principles of predictive analytics on time-series data from the business perspective.

  2. Predictive analytics on time-series data from the data science perspective.

  3. How to automate forecasting and anomaly detection.

  4. How the InstantML technology behind TIM democratizes machine learning.

  5. What the revolutionary Tangent Information Modeler, or TIM. TIM enables you to build predictive models... in seconds!

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